Murder Mystery Dinner

Enjoy a night that will test your brain as well as fill your belly with the Dinner Detective Murder Mystery Dinner Show! Dubbed the best mystery dinner show in the country, this delicious dinner show turns deadly and you won't want to miss your chance to test your skills in an attempt to solve the mystery as the murderer blends in and dines among the crowd! You're welcome to put your heads together with others, but you'll surely become suspicious of everyone around you as actors are blended in throughout the crowd to make the experience more of a challenge!

As you piece together any clues you can find to solve the case, you'll be treated to a delicious meal with your choice of entree; but the interactive adventure and story will continue to unfold around you as you dine offering a great meal, fun entertainment, and night filled of mystery. Particaption is not requried but other audience members may question you to solve the case as they like. To make the experience more immersive; prop guns, short light blackouts, and simulated gunshots are used to make the performance feel like a real murder mystery and place you right in the middle of the action.


Battle of the Sexes

Prepare for an evening of a fun interactive classic battle of the sexes, where the ladies square off against the fellas to see which sex will reign supreme in this hilariously off-the-wall game. All this while dining, drinking and socializing with friends, loved ones and meet new people. So, bring your friends, loved ones and compete in a series of games to find out who is the best!